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With the warm weather finally here, everyone seems to want to get out of the house and into the sunshine. In spite of the rising temperature, house prices are falling this year, leaving homeowners hesitant to sell.

Feeling restless?

Landscaping is the perfect way to increase curb appeal and property value while you wait for the right time to sell. So many improvements can be done at minimal cost while you take advantage of the fair weather, you might even forget you’re working.

Follow the tips below to turn your outdoor space into a great-looking property that both you and future owners can enjoy.

But wait, there’s more. Read on to the end of the article to see one extra landscaping tip, from Troy of ACS, that most landscaping companies don’t think about.

Nurture your lawn

Taking care of your lawn on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your property. Make potential buyers long to walk barefoot on your lush, green grass by keeping it healthy. When regular mowing and watering isn’t enough, try natural fertilizers, aeration, or even laying down new lawn altogether. Get rid of those ugly brown patches that distract the eye of potential buyers and install edging for a trim and tidy look.

Landscape with a purpose

Before you dive into a project that will make an impact on the look of your home, take a step back and make a plan. Walk around your property and consider its greatest assets and weaknesses before you take action. Determine the overall concept for your design to keep things uniform, rather than picking and choosing based on favorite colours or textures. For larger home improvement projects, do some research and use materials that modern homebuyers are looking for.

Mulch and weed

A garden can add value to your landscape when you’re trying to increase the curb appeal of your property, but it’s important to keep things in check. Adding mulch to flowerbeds is a low-cost way to gain a beautiful, uniform look that will contrast nicely with your lawn. It also works wonders to reduce the growth of invasive weeds — goodbye crabgrass, hello strawberries! Cedar mulch is very popular and comes in a rainbow of colours.

Add colour to a central location

Don’t be afraid to stand out. A pop of colour brings style to an otherwise plain palette. Reviving your front door with a fresh coat of paint adds charm and noticeability to your home without breaking the bank. A red door can balance out the blandness of neutral siding; royal blue breathes life into sun-faded brick; sage green has a calming effect that blends in with the natural environment. This quick and easy improvement evolves your entryway into a focal-point that will catch any buyer’s eye.

Seasonal balance

Plants go through a pretty complex transition from May to October, with each species growing at its own pace. You can’t rush nature’s life cycle, but you can choose species that will keep your property looking gorgeous all season long. Mix different plants together to achieve a consistently lively garden. For example, daffodils only bloom once a year in the spring, so they should be paired with later-blooming flowers like cosmos, marigolds or Asters. The same goes with fruit and veggies.

Retaining wall and built features

Landscaping isn’t just about flora and fauna. Sometimes you need to add a man-made structure to make a major change. Investing in a patio, terrace, or retaining wall can transform your yard, adding value and bringing you peace of mind. While it costs more to have a professional do something like interlock work, the results will increase the overall sophistication of your dwelling. Resealing your driveway to get rid of unsightly cracks is another way to stay on top of your property.

Keeping the buyer’s perspective in mind

Koi ponds aren’t for everybody. Keep in mind that something could be of great value to one buyer while being a deal-breaker for another. Even if you think a swimming pool would look great in your backyard, not every buyer will want to take on the maintenance and added cost that goes with it. Rather than gambling on a big investment that may or may not appeal to a future homeowner, make sure you’ve researched what buyers are looking for in the current real estate climate.

One thing to keep in mind…

Most landscaping companies do not think about the relationship between your yard and foundation. That is the benefit of working with a company that handles it all – from foundation work to landscaping.

There are potential hidden foundation issues that, if existent, should be addressed before any big landscaping projects. Getting an inspection beforehand is always a smart move.

From experience, thing like improper grading around your yard after a landscaping job is done can trap water at your foundation. If there happens to be an existing foundation issue such as a crack, this will lead to leaks and further damage.

Now, of course, adding some mulch to your gardens is a lot different than completely redoing a patio – but investing in a team that can see the dynamic relations at play on your property can never hurt. 

Happy landscaping!

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