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Great news Ottawa – Spring is around the corner!

With warmer temperatures comes blossoming flowers and smiling faces. It is also the time of year for melting snow and water runoff.  If you want a dry basement come spring, it is important that you check your foundation now. Ottawa gets a lot of snow, we all know that, and a lot of snow inevitably means a lot of water when the thaw comes around. Cracks in your foundation allow this water in, causing further damage to the concrete and can eventually lead to major structural damage or flooding in your basement.

It is important to take action to fix cracks, waterproof your foundation, and learn what steps can be taken to avoid basement flooding, in order to save money, damage, and stress. The first step to understanding when to be worried about damage to your foundation is to understand what causes foundation cracks. Some types, sizes and locations of cracks can be more serious than others, and require more immediate attention.

Foundation cracks are caused by a number of different factors, including snow melt, heavy rain, flooding, poor drainage, drought, earthquakes, and more. This past summer, Ottawa experienced record-setting rainfall, which means the soil absorbed more water than usual. During the winter months this wet soil expands and pushes against your foundation. This kind of extra pressure is a major culprit of cracks which will only worsen over time – so it is important to check for cracks and deal with them immediately.

What can you do to avoid a wet basement?

As homeowners there are some simple things that you can do as preventative measures to avoid water coming into your basement.

  1. Keep eaves troughs clear so that water does not pour over the side
  2. Extend your downspouts and your sump pump run-off 10 feet from your house
  3. Make sure your yard is sloped away from your house
  4. Plant trees away from your house. The distance away from your house should be at least the mature height of the tree
  5. Check for cracks and have them assessed before they become a major problem

It is important to have your foundation professionally assessed rather than doing a self-assessment for a number of reasons. First off, professional opinion, such as those from the Affordable Concrete Services team have expansive experience and are familiar with foundations and how the size and type of crack will affect how potentially damaging it may be. When extremely expensive damage is at stake, it is best to defer to the expertise of someone who knows foundations like the back of their hand. The confidence provided by an expert assessment can be the very thing that saves your basement from flooding, or from major damage to the home. It is difficult to factor in everything that can go into something as complicated as foundational integrity, and that’s what ACS experts are here to handle in order to put you at ease.

Get in touch with a dependable expert from Affordable Concrete Services to get a free quote and prepare you for the ensuing thaw. Save money now and save money in the future by trusting ACS to take care of your foundation.

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