Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

Trust the experts with your foundation

Affordable Concrete Services is a leading specialist in foundation repairs and waterproofing in Ottawa. We provide a variety of foundation repair services, including foundation waterproofing, crack repair, weeping tile systems, sump pumps, and interior waterproofing.

Causes and Types of Foundation Cracks

It is vital to regularly check your home for foundation cracks after a freeze-thaw cycle because they can signify a larger structural issue at hand. There are many different types of foundation cracks, some more serious than others.

We offer a 20 year transferable warranty on all foundation repair work

Steps for Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

Step 1 – Excavate

The first step in waterproofing a foundation and fixing and foundation cracks is to excavate right down to the footings of the foundation. Depending on access, this portion of the project will be done by hand or machine. If there is any landscaping that interferes with the excavation process, this will need to be removed (patio stones, fences, trees, etc). We will also remove the existing weeping tile system (to be replaced later in the process).

Step 2 – Scrape and Clean

Once the foundation is exposed, ACS will scrape and clean the foundation walls. This step allows us to properly locate and examine the damage to the foundation walls.

Step 3 – Repair Cracks

Locate and repair any cracks with an Epoxy Gel Sealant. Epoxies weld the crack together and restore structural strength.  Once cured, the epoxy is resistant to water and the bond strength can be much higher than concrete.

Step 4 – Waterproof Membrane

This step will vary depending on what type of foundation you have; poured concrete or concrete block. If you have a poured concrete foundation, ACS will apply a liquid membrane sealant over the entire exposed foundation. If you have a concrete block foundation, ACS will apply a Blueskin primer then install Blueskin Waterproof Membrane. No matter what type of coating is used, it must also be protected by dimpled membrane.

Step 5 – Install Dimpled Drainage Membrane

The foundation is then wrapped with a Flexsheet AG Drainage membrane. This is the first line of defense against water and moisture. The dimples in this rugged membrane provides an an air gap between the foundation and the membrane. This allows any moisture that may accumulate to flow down to drainage system.

Step 6 – New Weeping Tile

To ensure your basement stays dry, it is essential to make sure there is an efficient drainage system in place. ACS will install new weeping tile in the excavated area. Weeping tiles work by collecting and diverting water away from your foundation to the existing city sewer service or sump pit. A weeping tile is not actually a tile, but a four-inch diameter porous pipe covered in a “sock” (which is a rot-proof permeable material). This allows water to flow into the pipe while ensuring earth and soil do not clog the pipe.

The weeping title is then covered with 16″ of clear stone to for proper drainage. On top of the clear stone we add a Geotextile cloth which adds another layer of protection to filter out any sand, soil, silt, that may clog up your drainage system

Step 7 – Backfill and Grade

The excavation around the foundation is the backfilled and graded so that there is sufficient slope around the house to help water flow away from the foundation.

Step 8 – Landscaping

The last step in the repair process, is to make your home look beautiful again. There is no need to call in a landscaper to help return your house to a beautiful state. With our landscaping service, we can help replace gardens, interlock stone walkway, retaining walls and more.

Liquid membrane applied foundation wall
Dimpled drainage membrane applied to foundation wall. Clear stone layer added over weeping tile for drainage.
Geotextitle cloth is added on top of clear stone and the area is backfilled
Area is backfilled and graded away from the house. Ready for landscaping!
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  • Troy, the owner of Affordable Concrete Services was great in explaining a step-by-step procedure for our structural foundation issues. Once the project started they took all necessary precaution to make the site as safe as possible for our children, family and friends during all the repairs. Thank you.

    Kim Brown
  • The people at ACS were very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to about proper and cost efficient solution to our foundation repair. Good job, great crew!

    Rheal Tessier
  • A company with workers as knowledgeable and courteous as the people of ACS make having foundation repairs completed easy to handle.

    Jennifer Clark
  • Affordable Concrete Services is a top-notch company; there professionalism was well appreciated. A project like ours had so many different elements, from demolition, excavation to a whole new foundation installed. At the end of the project the backfill and cleanup was excellent. Great job!

    Craig Moore
  • We had Affordable Concrete Services 5 years ago excavate and waterproof our house. We are now purchasing a second house and have called Troy and the guys back to do another great job.

    Carrie Vercillo