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What are the signs of a damaged foundation?

  1. Vertical or horizontal cracks in a concrete foundation or step cracks in a brick foundation.
  2. Foundation sinking.
  3. Chimney or additions separating from structure.
  4. Doors that stick or don’t latch properly.
  5. Windows that stick or don’t fully close.
  6. Uneven floors.
  7. Must, damp smells in basement or evidence of water damage.
  8. Counters and cabinets separating from the wall.

What are different types of foundations?

  1. Poured Concrete Walls: Created by constructing moulds which concrete is then poured into, resulting in a continuous surface with a smooth finish. This is the least susceptible to leaks.
  2. Concrete Masonry Block Walls: Built using concrete blocks that are hollow and stacked one on top of another.
  3. Stone Walls: Found in older homes, this foundation type involves placing stones together with mortar in between.

What are common foundation issues?

  1. Cracks in exterior concrete.
  2. The depth of foundation.
  3. Grading, drainage, landscaping around the house.
  4. Basement leaks.
  5. Improper preparation of soil under the foundation floor.
  6. Unreinforced concrete.
  7. Poor drainage.
  8. Dry rot.

Can tree roots damage my foundation?

Trees can indirectly contribute to foundation damage, but other factors often play a larger role. Changes in soil condition are the actual cause of most foundation damage. Because trees require water to survive, their roots extract water from the soil and this can have adverse effects on the soil that your foundation is built on.

What is Slab-on-grade foundation?

Slab-grade-foundation is a single layer of concrete poured onto a bed of crushed gravel which serves to improve drainage. To reduce cracking in the foundation a wire mesh is cast into the concrete. There are certain pros and cons of this type of foundation which are detailed in our Slab-On-Grade Foundation vs. Basement Foundation article.

Is Foundation Repair covered by homeowners insurance?

You cannot rely on your insurance provider to cover foundation repairs. Depending on your policy, your coverage can include insurance of your home and the structures on your property, other causes of loss resulting from environmental related phenomenon along with insuring personal belongings in your home. However, most insurance providers believe that you must maintain a certain level of responsibility and require you to take the necessary steps to reduce potential foundation damage.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost? 

There is no specific to this question. Foundation repair in Ontario can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. This is due to the variety of foundation problems that can occur, from a simple crack that is easily fixed to replacing an entire foundation. Every foundation repair varies depending on a number factors such as size, type of foundation, level of damage, among many others. At ACS, we provide a free no-obligation quote upon an on-site review of the issue.


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